How to bet live on cryptocurrency

In ancient Greece, bets were made on the Olympics and battles of gladiators, the history of bookmakers began a long time ago and is still relevant, because now this niche has migrated to the Internet, which allows you to place bets without leaving your home. At the same time, the systems of bookmakers are improving and developing using modern technologies.

Sports betting in cryptocurrency (bitcoin, ethereum) and the TOP 5 best bookmakers for betting we have collected for our readers. Using digital coins in betting is convenient, profitable and safe . It is important to understand how bookmakers support such a currency differ and to understand how they work.

Cryptocurrencies and bookmakers, two types of companies

Altcoins continue to gain popularity. When you use them, you get anonymity, commissions are funny and transactions are protected. All these benefits are received by the clients of bookmakers that support cryptocurrencies. But there is one nuance, they must be distinguished according to an important criterion :

  1. Bookmakers with deposits and withdrawals in cryptocurrency – in fact, they do not differ from ordinary bookmakers. For convenience, their organizers add new ways to deposit and withdraw funds. At the same time, the company remains centralized and all the problems inherent in such projects remain.
  2. BC on the blockchain – if a project is created on its own blockchain or through a popular platform, this guarantees the honesty of transactions. The system is decentralized, security is increased. Nobody manages the clients’ funds, and they receive the winnings through smart contracts, which guarantees their receipt.

Naturally, it is better to give preference to the second option. Blockchain technology is assessed by each expert as the future of the Internet. She has a great future in absolutely all areas. The most important thing is that it will be possible to avoid false accusations from the administration and long “knocking out” of winnings from its balance sheet.

Why are bookmakers with cryptocurrency bets so attractive?

The first and foremost benefit is safety. When the BC is based on the blockchain, funds are distributed through smart contracts. Nobody can interfere with their execution. When you open a bet, a contract is created, according to which all conditions are set in advance and, depending on the outcome, the client either wins and receives a win, or loses. There can be no other options.

It is important to know where and how to exchange cryptocurrency in order to profitably and conveniently replenish your balances and receive payments from bookmakers.

There are some nuances, for example, associated with high volatility. Perhaps, after replenishing the balance, the coins will fall in value and you will lose something. However, in recent years they are only adding to the rate, so this feature is better viewed as an advantage. Other pluses:

  • deposits and withdrawals take place anonymously, no personal data is required to be entered, it is almost impossible to track transactions;
  • all transactions are carried out instantly. There is no hold, as soon as the event is completed, the winners are immediately determined, to whose accounts the winnings are sent;
  • BC clients on the blockchain are guaranteed to receive payments, this is embedded in smart contracts, there will definitely be no problems and accusations, as if you were trying to deceive someone;
  • cryptocurrencies are gradually becoming more expensive, their rates are growing, and at the same time their holders are getting richer. As long as you spin coins on bets, your bank will automatically increase;
  • despite the fact that unlicensed bookmakers are prohibited in the Russian Federation, when using cryptocurrencies, you do not violate anything, because digital coins are not money;
  • Cryptocurrency networks have the lowest commissions, so you won’t be ripped off to the bone when depositing or withdrawing.

On the one hand, decentralization looks like a clear advantage, but it also has negative sides. For example, support that will not always be active, and besides, it may not be at all.

Now, about 1% of bets on sports are made in cryptocurrencies, of which more than 80% are occupied by the share of bets in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. The figure is not small considering how large the market is. Many experts are confident that the numbers will change a lot soon.

How to choose a bookmaker for betting?

When looking for a quality service (it doesn’t matter for betting or not), you need to evaluate each option on a variety of factors. Just like in the case of conventional bookmakers, the offices on the blockchain differ. Before registering or making big bets, favorable odds;

  • support for smart contracts;
  • convenience of the interface;
  • security levels;
  • bonus program;
  • privileges and gifts;
  • choice of sports;
  • available cryptocurrencies;
  • types of sports betting;
  • responsive support.

As long as there are few cryptocurrency bookmakers, verification will not take you much time. Do not chase big bonuses if the bookmaker loses in all other parameters. It is necessary to take into account the presented factors in aggregate.

In general, it is better to register on the best sites (presented below) and try to place bets, because you will still receive payments from them for sure. It is pointless to draw conclusions without personal experience.

How to replenish an account with a bookmaker in cryptocurrencies?

Reliable bookmakers using blockchain do not work with fiat money at all. Therefore, in order to use them, you will first have to get a cryptocurrency. In general, the procedure for replenishing is no different, you enter your personal account, select the desired currency and press the button:

In our case, these are Bitcoins. Sports bets are accepted exactly in them. After clicking the Deposit button, the system generates the wallet address to which the coins must be sent. Now you can go to your wallet and make a regular BTC transfer:

For those who do not use cryptocurrency wallets, exchangers help. Bestchange helps you find reliable exchange offices with favorable rates . Go to the main page, select the exchange direction (for example, from Qiwi to Bitcoin) and a table appears where reliable sites are collected:

You have already received the BTC address for transferring funds to your account in the bookmaker’s office, so you can immediately fill out the form. In it, you only need to specify the payment details and the amount (in our case, this is the Qiwi wallet):

After creating an application, you will receive a wallet number where you need to transfer money. As soon as the administration of the exchanger receives the funds, they will instantly send Bitcoins to the specified address, i.e. to the account in the BC. This usually takes less than a minute, so you can start betting on sports right away.

TOP 5 bookmakers for betting in Bitcoin or Ethereum

Over the past few years, a lot of bookmakers with cryptocurrency support have appeared. Almost all large and well-known companies have started accepting BTC, BCH, ETH and other altcoins.

At the same time, they do not offer all the advantages of blockchain, but only convert the currency. Therefore, if you decide to bet on sports in crypto coins, then it is better to give preference to these projects:

Bookmaker Onehash . Let’s start with the most unusual project that combines several areas of gambling at once. In the sidebar, you can select sports, e-sports, gambling and other bets. There is a Russian version, but not all sections have been translated. However, the interface is simple and easy to use:

Sports betting in cryptocurrency (bitcoin, ethereum) and TOP 5 best bookmakers for betting

To open a bet, the user only needs to specify his BTC wallet address. While not many events are added here, the developers have something to work on, but bets are accepted and it is very easy to make them, and most importantly, they are completely anonymous. All you need to fill out is email.

The project started back in 2013, there is no minimum deposit, and in order to receive a payment, the amount must be more than 0.005 BTC . Use sweepstakes, slots, policy bets and other features. After registration, each newbie is given a bonus + 100% to replenishment.

The odds are calculated from the volume of bets on the reverse outcome of the game, so they are constantly changing (up to the start of the game). Round-the-clock support, in the top menu there is a “Guide” button, when you click on it, you will receive hints on the page you are on. Although everything is intuitive, especially in Russian.