Features of eSports betting

In the spring of 2020, due to the outbreak of coronavirus in European countries, almost all sports tournaments were postponed.

Bettors have nothing to bet on.

One of the options how not to lose your betting skill is to place bets on esports. Unfortunately, many eSports tournaments were also held without spectators, but at least they are not canceled. Let’s consider all the features, pros and cons of betting on this unusual sports discipline.

Features of bets

Just a few years ago, esports betting was something exotic. Only a few companies included this discipline in their line. Now finding esports tournaments is not a problem. Every well-known bookmaker offers bets on computer games.

Cyber ​​betting is not much different from the usual sports. The algorithm of actions is the same. You need to choose a computer game that you like best and carefully analyze all the nuances. Yes, analysis is indispensable here. By the way, the analysis is sometimes more difficult to carry out. There are many factors to consider.

  1. Compositions of teams. Top esports teams have coaches, main rosters and substitutes, and there are also substitutions during the game. These nuances must be taken into account.
  2. Player injuries. Bettor may find this point ridiculous. What kind of injury can happen while sitting at a computer? In fact, gamers often experience hand sprains, finger problems, or emotional strain.
  3. New patches. This nuance is often overlooked, but it is very important. If the game is updated, the team needs time to play. After updates, leaders often pour out to outsiders due to lack of preparation.
  4. Transfers. Another point that will completely break the statistics. If a strong participant has joined the team, it does not mean at all that it will win. Often the first games are lost. The reason is lack of match.
  5. View peaks. In many games, the result will depend on which set of characters (picks) is selected. Your task is to determine who has the best peak. This is an important factor for Dota 2 and some similar games.

Main advantages and disadvantages

An important plus is the player’s clear advantage over the bookmaker’s analysts. As a rule, betting companies employ analysts who study classic sports disciplines. The more important a tournament is, the better it is studied. There is no time left for esports. It makes no sense for a company to hire an entire staff to study the nuances of Starcraft II and its tournaments. It’s just not economically viable.

Therefore, experienced gamers can take advantage of this and find errors in the line, and they are often. You can pick up an underestimated tournament or find the initially incorrect odds for a particular team. Your task is to decide on a computer game and analyze it thoroughly. We have already told you about all the points of the analysis.

Another plus is the large number of broadcasts. It will be easier for you to play live. It is very easy to find the broadcast of the tournament. As we said, you can visit the GG Bet website and watch the battles for free, or just register on the Twitch website. There you can always choose a tournament for bets.

There are also disadvantages. Firstly, not every office provides a detailed list of esports. For example, you play at Zenith, the reason is profitable quotes for top football. But sometimes you want to rest and bet on cyber. Unfortunately, on the website of this bookmaker you will not be able to find regional meetings of little-known cyber teams.

Secondly, you are unlikely to be able to play for high stakes. Usually offices set upper limits. That is, the maximum bet amount is three thousand rubles and no more. You can probably guess why this is happening. See the text above – the offices do not know how to analyze esports thoroughly, and therefore they simply set limits.

Nevertheless, if you have studied your favorite game, then even with a small amount of bet you can win, just make bets regularly.