Betting system and calculation of winnings

System bet allows you to place bets on several combinations of selected teams or events using one coupon. The advantage here is that, unlike a pure combination, profit can still be made even with one or more incorrect predictions, or, due to this possibility of error, the risk is also slightly reduced when several games are combined.

With system bets, a positive result for the player can be possible even with one (and in some systems even with several) incorrect prompts. However, since each system rate consists of several series of individual rates, a higher rate is of course required. Unlike a single bet and a combined bet, the bet is determined not once, but as a result of multiplying by the number of a series of bets.

Thus, with three series of bets with a stake of € 10 each, the result in our example would be a stake of 3 x € 10 = a total stake of € 30. Since this is a combination of several combination bets, the profit is calculated accordingly.

Calculate the profit from the bets on the system

As mentioned earlier, there is a wide variety of system rates.

  • In them, the first number always describes the minimum number of betting tips required to distribute profits.
  • The second number represents the total number of games to be selected.
  • It is also possible to bet on trends, results and other types of bets. The exact offer depends on the betting provider.

How do you calculate your profit now? This is the same as with the combined rates. There are countless possibilities for system bets, but let’s take a 2 out of 3 system bet as an example. With this system bet, we now assume that the total bet is € 15. This means that from these three games, three separate combo bets are created with a stake of € 5 each.

If you now apply the calculation in the usual way, as with the combined bets, the following total odds for the outcome of the individual combined bets are 3.51, 4.19 and 3.87. This means that if all games are indeed completed and correct, all three separate combined bets will be judged and paid accordingly.

As a result, the total profit will be 57.86 euros (3.51 * 5 euros + 4.19 * 5 euros and 3.87 * 5 euros). However, if the game is correctly guessed, the two combined bets are automatically lost and only one wins.

As an example, let’s say that the match Levante – Mallorca was guessed incorrectly, because only one goal was scored. Thus, both the first and second combined bets lose, since this game has a coupon for both bets. Only the latter, with odds of 3.87 and 5x bets, won with a profit of 19.35 euros. To determine your actual net income, you must of course deduct your rate. Since the total was € 15 (€ 3 * 5), they also need to be deducted accordingly. Despite the incorrectly typed game, the profit will still be 4.35 euros.